How do you document (bodywork) exercises?
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I love combining exercises from different bodywork disciplines (dance, yoga, pilates, etc) - I learn from videos, classes and books but I forget what I've learnt in the past. I'd like to find a way to document everything that works for me to have it all accessible, so I can improvise and build my own flows and routines. Has anyone ever done anything like this or have ideas?

I'm thinking the relevant fields would be:
1. Name (something I come up with by which I can begin to remember it)
2. Category
3. A sketch/ photograph
4. Brief description of how it works
5. Details to keep in mind
6. Impact / Purpose / What part of the body it targets, and in what way
7. Link to video or reference to book if any

Very happy to have feedback on this thinking as well...
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You could do this in Evernote. You could use a template for for consistency, and the title of the note could be the name of the exercise, with tags for categories and for parts of the body etc. Or perhaps you could create a different note book for every discipline. It’s very searchable, and includes the image in the thumbnail view so the notes are also easy to flip through. (I use it in this way for recipes.)
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I wanted to write a stick-figure animation app so you might write the flow in terms of a sequence of stick figures showing the poses you'd move between. It's ... a bunch of things basically already covered by storyboarding in an animation studio app, so I got distracted by something else.
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Yes, Evernote would be perfect for what you're are wanting to do.
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