who shall identify me of this troublesome tile
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I need to match some tile. Eagle eyed detectives of the green, can you help me find this tile?

Here's the pic

Here's what we know:

1. probably would have been purchased around 10 years ago or a little less
2. probably would have been relatively inexpensive, this wasn't a fancy job
3. it is polished (not "honed" or "tumbled")
4. the installer was a contractor, would have had access to "trade" channels, no idea if they used them or just grabbed something at Home Depot
5. it is 12x12

Here's what we don't know:

1. is this real stone or porcelain? No idea. I don't spot a recurring pattern, though, so I suspect it's "real stone"
2. no idea if it came from an online source or a store.

Thank you! If you find it for me I will compose a limerick for you. If you want.
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I think what you have there would be known as a "cast stone" manufactured tile. It does not look like natural stone to me, nor does that match my understanding of the price point and age.
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Best answer: Honestly, it looks exactly like the marble tile we put down in our bathroom over ten years ago. We got it from Lowes, I think. I don’t recall it being inordinately expensive.
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If you have pulled any up there may be a manufacturer or something stamped on the back. Agree it is probably not natural.

You could also go to a local flooring store and ask them if they know. It's a popular color and a fairly neutral pattern so there's a chance it's still being sold. But if not and you find out the manufacturer you might be able to track down old stock someone is selling online.
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