Music video where office worker gets yelled at, leaves, dances?
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name this song! Catchy pop slow motion maybe-single-shot 2010s breakup song music video of a white man in their mid 40s(?) in a tie and shirt who gets yelled at by their boss, walks out of the meeting as other workers stare at him, someone hands him a phone, which he ignores, they shake it repeatedly and he continues ignoring, and at the end a black woman comes out and dances around him, rips off his shirt, and then he dances. Band name might have been "something heart".
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Response by poster: I remember! It's

Autoheart - My Hallelujah
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Not your song but based on the description alone you might also like the video for alors on danse
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Thanks for this post -- A+ music video. You may also enjoy Miike Snow's Genghis Khan (YouTube's algorithm also seemed to think so).
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