ISO digital thermometer that accepts multiple thermocouple types
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Looking for a digital thermometer that would accept at least Type K and Type T thermocouples. Not having much luck finding one that costs circa $150 or less and isn't inaccurate junk, but not sure I know where to look.

Thermoworks is my usual go-to for this sort of thing, but they don't seem to offer any units that take more than one thermocouple type.
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Best answer: Type T is a big stretch for a consumer thermometer. But I think Omega might have the best shot at what you want, like their HH508/HH509 or HH25U.
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Best answer: The Lascar will do that, mine doesn't have the LCD, but I bet you could use the LCD and ignore the logger if that was your jam. You'd have to restart logging each time you switch b/w TC type. We own the EL-USB-TC which has been good enough for logging heaters in the RT to 400C range.
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Response by poster: Type T is a big stretch for a consumer thermometer.

Yeah. The only reason I'm not looking at Type K only is that I'm thinking of getting a Scace device, and those seem to be Type T.
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Your DIY option is to get a Raspberry Pi and the MCC 134, which feels like overkill but gets you close on price
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Are you looking for a computer interface to the thermometer?
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As an aside, I'd love to hear why they use a T type instead of K on a scace - I'm guessing it's force of habit...
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Response by poster: Dmenet: Type T has a faster response, which it important in the context of temperatures that are changing dynamically over the course of only 30 seconds or so.
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It looks like T-type lists higher accuracy reporting temperature. From here I see +/- 2.2C or +/- .75% for K-type and +/- 1.0C or +/- .75% for T-Type. I believe that response time is dominated by TC wire thickness and exposure to material being tested. This shows effectively instant (0.003s) response time to a bare 0.001" TC wire.
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