Sweet, My Potato
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I have a huge (~2 lb) baked sweet potato that I need to do something with. I'm the only one who really likes sweet potatoes in a savory application. I'm thinking something sweet to take to work (aside from sweet potato pie).

I have a reasonably well stocked pantry for baking. And I'm a pretty good baker.

Something like muffins, quick breads or cookies would work well.


(the only reason I say no pie is because I have a co-worker who makes a fabulous sweet potato pie and I know I can't rival it)
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I make Smitten Kitchen's pumpkin bread as muffins using boiled and mashed sweet potato. So incredibly good.
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I also have two massive sweet potatoes on my hands right now.

I'm planning to make sweet potato bread tonight actually, following approximately this recipe (which I have never made before) adapted for my bread machine.

The rest I will 1) eat as mashed potatoes and 2) freeze unseasoned into tablespoons for mixing into dog food.
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I just Googled [sweet potato cookies] and got a bunch of hits.
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Sweet potato makes a great filling for puff pastry samosas.
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You can use baked sweet potato pulp as a substitute for pumpkin pulp in any quickbread recipe. Smitten Kitchen's pumpkin bread is indeed very very good.
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Cut into chunks. Sprinkle LOTS of brown sugar on them. Bake. Eat.
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A bit unfortunate that it's already baked - but if it's firm enough, I like subbing sweet potato for regular potatoes in a mayo+dijon-based salad (with blanched carrots, raw celery, applies, hard boiled eggs, and extra-crispy bacon chunks).

For dog treats, dehydrated sweet potato is a fav of my sister's dog, and is firm enough to gnaw on for a bit.

If it's not too gooey, yeah, cut into slices, place in a glass/ corningware medium-deep pan, butter, brown sugar (+maple syrup), a little soy sauce, optionally a little allspice or cumin, blast in the oven until the sugar caramelizes a little.

The salt/ spice tempers the sweetness of the sugar/ syrup.
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Episode 7 (out of 4) of Home Cooking with Hrishi and Samin dealt with more-or-less exactly this - what to do with a surfeit of already-cooked sweet potato. The show notes have a few recipe suggestions and they talk about it a bit more in the show itself, but for a sweet recipe the bebinca they talk about sounds delicious.
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These sweet potato scones are so good.
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I'm feeling a sweet potato cheesecake vibe. What about these muffins.
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These muffins
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Sorry my text window was weird. I've had the Kim Boyce Good to the Grain version, which are amazing. I think the recipe above is an amalgamation. Looks great.
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This sweet potato and Gruyere cheese gratin is not for the calorie-shy, but is a good use of a lot of sweet potato.
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Bryant Terry's AfroVegan cookbook has a sweet potato granola recipe that calls for about a pound of sweet potato. If you're interested, please memail me and I can send the recipe (it doesn't appear to be online).
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I once cooked a multi-course vegan meal consisting of vaguely southwest & mexican flavors and for dessert I made sweet potato mexican spiced "pudding".
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This showed up in my RSS feed and it was pretty good.

I've saved some of the recipes y'all linked for the next time I have a glut of sweet potatoes.
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