Anyone have 2020 pics of Italy?
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Especially Bologna and Rome

I know I can look up pics online, but I'd love to see very recent pics taken by regular folks. There's no better way to get a feel for a place without actually being there imo and this year has been unlike others so pics from other years won't actually do. I'm not sure if metafilter allows pics to be posted, but if anyone happens to have them on their instagram or would even like to send them to me or something I'd really love to see them.
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Instagram allows you to search by place. Search > Places then type the place and sort by “recent” (rather than “top”, which is the default).
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You can also search on Flickr.
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As a followup to essexjan, here's a Flickr search for Bologna, taken during 2020, and one for Rome, taken during 2020. (There are a lot more from Rome.)
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