What is up with this hat?
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One of the US Virgin Islands' delegates wore an amazing hat in last night's DNC roll call vote. It's blurry, but I'm pretty sure the hat says BIDEN across the front. I just don't know what to make of the rest of it...

Other than one comment on the blue I haven't seen mention of this glorious bit of headgear, nor do I find any publicity stills or alternate video footage. Obviously the hat has been blinged-up for the DNC, with little USVI flags and whatnot, but is it based on a traditional form or is this delegate just a wacky guy with a fun, crafty traffic cone on his head?
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it might be edgar baker phillips, who has a penchant for this sort of thing.
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that last link is dead (but works on my computer - odd) so here's a screenshot.
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It looks like a tricorne hat to me.
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There is a tradition of funny hats at the conventions so perhaps playing on that?
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Not just a sweet tricorn, but one made from flimsy foam -- similar to this giant novelty cowboy hat.

To make a more sturdy version, from a silicone baking sheet, watch this video.

Also interesting it this plan using felt.
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I found one alternative still photo on The Virgin Islands Daily News website. Unfortunately, the photo is taken from kinda far away and the hat is not really in great focus.
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I found the delegate's public Instagram page where he's posted this photo of himself wearing the hat.
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Excellent sleuthing! From Mr. Phillips' Instagram photo, I feel pretty confident that while there's some kind of hat underneath it all, the superstructure is 100% ad hoc.
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