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Can you think of ways that I can pay a small amount of money and get myself a surprise on a kind of semi random basis. I would like the timing to be random, the cost to be relatively low and the surprises to be... surprising?

A while ago I tried buying lottery tickets online and automatically, so I'd pay like £5 a month with a tiny tiny chance to win a prize. It turned out the chance was just too small. I have tried something similar with a site called Triphunters, but again the odds against may be too long.
The goal here is not necessarily to win a fabulous prize but more to have the opportunity to every so often have a nice surprise. The obvious choice is contests with small prizes and large pools, but there may well be other better/alternate ways which may be worth exploring.

(This requires UK, but feel free to add info or ideas for your country. They may inspire ideas)
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You could give £1/month each to five Patreon creators and then not pay very close attention to them. Every once in a while one of mine releases something delightful and it's almost always a surprise to me.
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Bobcat in a Box is a service where you give a robot an "allowance," tell it your preferences, and it shops for you. Since it usually orders from Alibaba or Wish or somewhere like that to maximize its spending power, the shipping time is so long that you essentially get random surprises at random intervals.
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what a fun question! have you looked into any subscription boxes? i think one that sends you bunch of different snacks would be a really fun and cheap! the timing may not be as random as you like, but with the mail what it is now (at least in the us!) maybe it would be! here's a few options available in the UK:
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Do you have a friend that loves online shopping? I would happily do this for someone I knew well, especially right now while we're all stuck at home. Having a little bit of money sent to me to use to buy fun personalized presents would be super super fun! Like a little game. Maybe it would even be something you could swap with a friend (ie, both agree to spend x per month or every three months on little gifts to arrive in the mail for each other).
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I have subscribed to bobcat in a box and we'll see how that works out.

Triphunters is already working out. I just won a smallish prize after only 2 tickets. So the odds on that might actually be reasonable.
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Incidentally, I won another tiny prize with triphunters (£25ish worth of a choice from stuff like fancy soaps, fancy chocolates, axe throwing days, etc) and have so far received mysterious "travel tokens" a pack of fake acorns (facorns?) and a cats toy ball with a bell in it from bobcat.
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