Which video where he drapes himself on a white piano in a club
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What is the video with Prince where he is basically turning people on in a club.

What is the video and the song - with Prince where he is basically turning people on in a club. He drapes himself on a piano at one point and then at the end of the video he nods sagely while everyone is bopping.
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Sorry I'm getting caught up between the two meanings of "turning people on." Prince is notorious for making people feel horny, is that what you mean? Or is Prince like going around activating people who are shut down (like bringing mannequins to life)?
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Do you mean the scene from Purple Rain when Prince performs Darling Nikki? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA_FqxZLSMk
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Response by poster: @Carson B - Haha - I mean in the sense of activating people who are repressed and shut down - bringing them to life and finding their inner happiness and expression in the moment.

@Colonel_Chappy - It's not that scene. In the video I saw, the scene is well lit, and I think the impression we are supposed to get is that Prince owns the club.
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OK well best of luck. There's an easy way to answer this question, which is to just go watch all the music videos on Prince's YouTube channel. Good luck.

ProTip - All the music videos for Diamonds and Pearls look like they were filmed at the same time, in the same place, and it's a big stage with a big piano and Prince jumps up on it a lot and there's always people around dancing and getting turned on and bopping. Many of his other videos are very similar.
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Is that a scene from the movie 'Under the Cherry Moon'?
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