Community Radio Nerds, whither your archives? Plus Mixcloud.
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Our station's archival service shut down, and I am looking to find a replacement and also have a general question about Mixcloud and copyright.

Hello! I am a programmer and rennaisance person at a community radio station in a major metropolitan area. Along with maybe some of you, our archive service just shut down. The ability to listen to our programs after broadcast was a big selling point for the station, and we are scrambling to find another service.

I am all for jumping to Mixcloud as a temporary solution, but there are elements at the station giving me a lot of pushback as they are worried about being fined for copyright issues. As far as I can tell there is no reason to fear DMCA action, aside from the possibility of a show being yanked because it has materiel that falls outside the purview of Mixcloud's licensing agreements. I've seen other, larger stations that seem to use Mixcloud as an archive, which seems to me to be a good sign.

So I'm curious, do you use Mixcloud as a show archive? Have you had any issues other than the possibility of your show being yanked? And if you use or know of any organizations that provide this service for, uh, a modest fee, please suggest some! We are having enough issues as it is without creating a Big Fuss over how we archive our shows. Thanks!
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At we have been using Mixcloud with no issues since 2017. We are a community focused low power fm station with a wide variety of music and talk shows. Our programmers have their own free Mixcloud accounts and upload their own archives, but we have some tools to then organize those archive links on our own website.
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