Muppets road safety....ride? in a mall?
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I have a vague memory of a Muppets road safety ride in a local mall. What was it?

As I remember it, there was a track with little cars on it that you got in and went around a 'road,' while the Muppets sang a song about road safety. The only part of the song I remember was Kermit (in my memory its a wall of like 20 small Kermits, actually) singing "Buckle up, buckle up, buckle up, buckle up!" near the end.

If it helps it was at the Seneca Mall in West Seneca, NY, USA around 1990 (I would have been five years old, so who knows what parts of the memory are real). Googling has only turned up this, which leads me to believe at least the song is real.
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Response by poster: I just realized there isn't a clear question here, I am looking for any information whatsoever regarding this!
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Best answer: You were close! The Muppet Wiki on Fandom has an entry on The Muppet Traffic Safety Show.

It was active from 1988 until about 1991 so your timeline does match up.
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Response by poster: Oh my god there WAS a wall of Kermits!!!! Thank you!!!!!
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Ahem, they were Frog Scouts! =) Glad it matched up.

To add a footnote: This is a prime example of the Internet Event Horizon.

There's a gap from the mid-80s to the mid-90s where everything is lost because it's too recent to be nostalgia, but too old to be online on the internet somewhere. You won't find a video of this exhibit on YouTube for this reason. Maybe someday.

Henson mentions this work in his logbook as well.
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