Getting real products during COVID
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Is there a place where I can reliably order cleaning products online and be sure I'm getting the real thing?

I'm immunocompromised, so I'm not doing my own shopping. There's a type of Clorox all-purpose cleaner I really like that I'm almost out of. When I tried to order it on Amazon (sorry!), the product said it was coming from Clorox, but when I actually placed the order, it turned out to be from a third party. Some reviewers said they received a fake product from this party, so I cancelled the order.
I've been getting groceries from local places that don't carry this cleaner. I also use Vitacost, which doesn't carry it. Walmart looks like it may also be sending orders to third parties. Is there any other online store where I can order products I want without it being bumped to a possibly unreliable third party? I also want to get Viva paper towels, and I'm running into the same problem.
(I can get Seventh Generation products on Vitacost, and I use those for some things, but there are a few things they really don't work for - like cleaning tea stains off of my kitchen counter. And I can't stand paper towels that fall apart - which is why I'm looking for the Viva brand.)
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When I'm concerned about the potential for getting knock-offs--which is for an increasing proportion of stuff I buy online--I tend to order through Target. If you hit a minimum amount they'll ship to your house, and everything I've bought through there is actually fulfilled through Target's supply chain which I trust a heck of a lot more than Amazon.

I don't know if they have any restrictions on shipping cleaning products specifically but I've had a decent variety of stuffed shipped and I haven't run into that issue specifically.

Good luck, this is such a frustrating issue with online commerce these days.
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While there are no cleaning products on the shelf at my Target, I was able to order online from them.
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A lot of places I might try (Walgreens, CVS, Target) seem to have most things out of stock or in-stores only right now. Office Depot seems to carry a lot of Clorox products online and delivers and doesn't seem to include third-party sellers. I'm assuming that a big chain that also sells in stores would have a legit supply chain.
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I've had some luck with Target and some with Costco, but it's required "stalking" the sites for them to have things in stock.

A few things I've wanted I've been unable to find in any form for shipping except hits from shady 3rd party sellers that have jacked up the price, whether or not the items are legit. Think Tilex, for example, which I can find on the CVS website but it's listed as "only in stores." I wonder if that has anything to do with shipping requirements for certain chemicals?
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I've had better luck ordering from office supply stores (Staples, Office Depot) than from general retailers. I just ordered Viva paper towels last week. I've had the best luck in person at big box hardware stores (Home Depot, Menards).
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I've had great luck with Here's their Clorox products.
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On you can search for your item then scroll down on the left side of the screen to select which retailers you want to order from - you can check just the Walmart box to limit it.
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I have had zero luck ordering Clorox products (and a few other things, unfortunately) for shipping to my home from Every listing says they aren't available for shipping. I ended up getting a different brand. Just a point that while the items will be legitimate, that is only so helpful if they will send them to you.
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You’re better off finding a friend or family member to do in-person shopping for you. We have luck only hitting stores first thing in the morning for in-demand cleaning products.
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+1 to Target and Costco as my online order source of cleaning and personal care supplies these days.
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