Android control of Chromebook?
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Can I use my Pixel to control my Chromebook?

I want to watch things on HBO Max, which is not yet carried by Roku, on my TV. What I do now is connect my Chromebook to my TV, then just mirror the screen from Chromebook to the TV, and run HBO Max in a maximized browser tab, and that works fine as far as viewing goes. However, that means I don't have any sort of remote control option for stopping/starting the program as I'm watching it or navigating the menu. I have to get up and go across the room, open the Chromebook, and pause it from the keyboard.

This doesn't rate as a "problem", per se, but it's an inconvenience that I think should be correctable if there was a way to control my Chromebook's pointer/trackpad with my Pixel (2 XL). I found several apps that promise to allow the use of an Android phone to control a computer, but they all seem to be for Windows/Mac machines only - I can't find one that works with a Chromebook. Is there one?

If it's not easy (if I have to install a server or do something Linux-y to make it work), I will just keep using the Chromebook to control playback and not worrying about it - I was hoping for a simple install-and-forget app, and I can't seem to find one.
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I don't know the answer to this question as asked, but I do know I would solve it with a Bluetooth mouse, were it me.
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I know this isn't an answer to the question as asked, but you can get about 99% of the way to what you want by getting a cheap Chromecast, which you can cast to from either your computer (which could be in a more convenient location) or the HBO Max app on your phone. I get a significantly better picture casting from the app on my phone than mirroring from the browser.
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If you could install KDE Connect within a proper Linux installation, that has simple "phone screen as mouse pad" functionality that would work great for this. For ChromeOS there does appear to be Chrome Remote Desktop, which I think is installed on both sides and allows remote control from a phone.
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I watch HBD Max on my Pixel phone and cast it to my chromecast dongle.

Could you use the Google Home app? Maybe it is bc I have a chromecast, but I can pause TV and change the volume via my phone.
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Holy crap brainmouse, I have no idea why I didn't think of that. Problem solved. Thanks, and thanks all for the other suggestions.
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