Help me find a 1980s makeup computer please.
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I am looking for a picture of an interactive display for makeup that I liked in the 1980s. I used it at a CVS in a mall in Massachusetts. It would ask questions about you (hair color, eye color I think, maybe information about your style?) and then give some output, probably suggestions for makeup products as well as some generalized description of your generic type. I am making a cartoon and I'd love to find an image of the display so I can include it.
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IRRC, Clinique had something like this in that time period. It was an acrylic stand with chrome sliders that stood on the counter. You moved the sliders to answer questions about your skin (burn easily, oily after washing, etc.) and it made product recommendations for their 1-2-3 skincare collection. I can't find an image, but it was a thing, for sure.
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Best answer: Clarion makeup! I used to play around with this while waiting for my mom to do her shopping at Target. Here’s a YouTube video with some shots of the computer.
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Was it maybe this 1988 Avon Beauty Vision Personal Color Computer System or some variation of it? (I don't know that Avon would have had product at a CVS in a mall, but maybe they weren't the only ones using this thing. If nothing else, maybe the image would serve for your cartoon.)
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@foone On Twitter was talking about a late 90s Version of this on Twitter, and they generally make quite the rabbit hole.
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Best answer: Here's a pin of the Clarion Beauty Computer.
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Here's the Clinique one.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, it was the Clarion one I loved so much, but they're all so great.
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