Expat "foreign expert" vloggers on Youtube?
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Please help me in my research efforts, details inside...

So, I have started a YT channel, vlogging about being an expat and life in distant lands among foreign cultures. Part of my schtick* is that I have never deeply embedded myself in one place, I have been here and there all over the place.

In contrast, there are some people who have built a very strong YT presence being "insider experts" on the countries they have chosen and moved to. I find these people very interesting and want to follow as many of them as I can.

I am aware of:
Bald and Bankrupt - many places but mainly focused on ex-Soviet world
Serpentza - China
Laowhy86 - China
Karl Rock - India

There must be many more people like this. Who is the Lebanon expert? The Turkey expert? I am specifically not really interested in "travel" blogs of people being tourists, more expat blogs in which the people are living and working abroad.

If there are "local" people making videos aimed at a foreign audience and with similar focus, that is good too.

On preview I see that this recent question is similar, but slightly different focus, so I am going to post this anyways...

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
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Rachel and Jun have a lot of videos like this, about living in Japan.
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Right. I watch a lot of these. I have Ghanaian ones right now since there seem to be a lot of people from the black diaspora esp. US and UK who move or have moved to Ghana to start a new life so i've become interested in that:

Vanessa Kanbi - She isn't quite an ex-pat but her vlogs involve her interviewing ex-pats, talking about how to find property, get a job, what life is like etc.

The following are expats:

Expat Life Ghana An older couple discussing life in Ghana.

Jasmine Ama She talks about shopping, how far your money will go, property, how to start a business there - it's all good. The best one (for me)

Ricki Denise Not sure how old she is - early 20s? - but her vlogs show a lot about life in Ghana from Coronavirus to buying technology to car problems but there is also a bit of the tourist aspect - visiting markets etc. Probably the second best one for me.

Native Borne He has some useful videos about sustainable living in Ghana, raising an autistic child in Ghana, mistakes he made when he moved there etc. but his channel is a bit of everything so might not be easy to navigate

I have others for other countries but will need to navigate my subscription page and my battery is dying so need to post this asap.
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Response by poster: Hey there ihaveyourfoot, thanks very much and look forward to youtr other suggestions.
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Simon and Martina have been vlogging from Korea and Japan since 2008.
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For Colombia, there is Swiss couple Sam and Tacha of How to Expat, they also in their business cover neighboring South American countries as well, but based in Colombia.

In Ecuador, there is Amelia and JP, Unconventional Life.
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Life Where I'm From (Canadian living in Japan)
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