Friday afternoon photo puzzle
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Who is the woman on the screen behind Kamala in this photo?

It's from this article about Biden's VP vetting process. There's a slightly different angle here. Unfortunately, the caption is blocked by the table in both of them.

It looks like it was taken this event, but I can't find more than brief clips of it.

I'm curious because she looks uncannily like my mom.
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I believe it's former HHS assistant secretary Nicole Lurie.

Source: Biden, Harris call for all states to mandate masks after first joint Covid-19 briefing
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Update: it's not from that event, the chair and table are the same but Kamala is wearing a different outfit.
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Dr. Nicki Lurie

Better pic

No pay wall article
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At 2:09 of this C-Span video, you can see the chyron reading "Dr. Nicki Lurie" at the bottom of her screen.
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Thank you!! That's been bugging me all day.
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