Fall/Winter/Perennial Container Plants from Seed
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I have 3 freestanding window boxes that are currently on my extremely hot and sunny balcony and that I will overwinter inside. What can I plant them with?

— grown from seed
— very hardy
— long-lived
— cheerful-looking regardless of flowering
— please no “hard-edged” plants like snake plant or aloe. I like and have both those plants, as well as many other succulents, but they are too harsh-looking for the window boxes. Something soft and more fern-like, please!

I would like 1 different type of plant in each window box.

I’m in zone 7, US.

Thank you!
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Decorative kale can get very, very frilly, in pink and white and greens.
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And decorative kale is edible. I'd grow lettuces, arugula is pretty, because they're pretty, grow easily from seed and it's nice to eat them. Any of the greens in mesclun mix. Herbs like cilantro, basil and parsley are easy, tasty, pretty and used in many recipes. Buy a few geraniums, maybe scented geraniums, they're pretty hardy and smell great.
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