Self-Esteem Time: TV & Movies
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Movies & TV to bolster up confidence after a false start dating situation.

So here’s the backstory: Met an awesome guy at his workplace last month. We hit it off and he went to my workplace and we had a great time hanging out. We went on a real date that was also very long and enjoyable. But her shared...everything. He really overshared but I liked him anyway so it didn’t bother me all that much. He kept saying that he wanted to clean his apartment before our next date, and planned where we would go, it seemed promising. The next day he texted me that he was embarrassed how much he overshared and to disregard everything. I texted him a couple days later and said that I hoped he wasn’t waiting to hear from me first, and that he still wanted to do our next date as planned. He said he didn’t like to play games and that he just needed a couple of days to get his schedule in order and would get back to me. So, it’s been a couple of days and no dice. I’m bummed, I ignored some yellow flags, but I really thought there were mutual feelings there. I’m left thinking the worst about myself. I feel like there’s something inherently wrong with me that I can attract men for a bit, but then something goes wrong, and I retreat into my shell. I know other people date without much effort, but I am left feeling raw and vulnerable.
I always loved watching Frasier bumble through terrible dates and almost never lose his sense of self-confidence and worth. Are there any tv shows or movies that convey similar messages? I want to watch them! Many thanks MeFi.
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You’ll like “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”
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"Boundin'" is a Pixar short that is really great and might fit the bill, even if it is only ~five minutes long
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Never Have I Ever on netflix, if a high school setting and story could still be helpful.
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Check out the new Queer Eye, always delivers in this department.
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If "bumbling through bad situations without losing a sense of confidence and self-worth" is your jam, you might want The Big Lebowski.
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Love Life on HBO Max is about a woman's dating life. Sometimes she's in a relationship that is a lot of work, sometimes they're fun. But none of them are her special person (until the end? I'm only halfway through).
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I think it's a given that you should be watching Schitt's Creek.

And while it's not always dating focused I think Kim's Convenience has lots of story lines about people bumbling through romantic, family, and professional relationships.
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When it was new (and I was going through relationship drama) I was a big fan of Sex and the City. Lots of bad dates, but very rarely do the main characters take them very seriously. It's fluff but I got really into it!
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Hope you feel better soon, in the meantime try Gregory's Girl.. A golden oldie but has a nice take on failed dates.

p.s. you're fine as you are :)
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