Someone to sell Pokemon cards for me?
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Feels super strange to say this, but I guess it makes sense given my age. I recently took a trip back to my childhood home, and realized I had a binder of some of my old TCG cards from the earliest days of the Pokemon craze. I don't want to go through the hassle of selling and shipping, etc. Is there someone I can send these to that will do all that work and take a percentage?

I don't think I have anything especially valuable, but from some cursory searching, it seems like they are worth enough that it would be worth it to put in some leg work to sell them, but there's enough of them that it seems like more work than I'd like to do myself. None of them are graded; some of them aren't in very good condition. Is there someone or somewhere reputable I can send them to be sold for me?
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This would be a great job for a teenager or college-age kid who wants to make some money nowadays but is stuck at home. Maybe reach out to your contacts and see if someone's got a kid who wants this job? I'd give them a few cards to start with and see how it goes from there.
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There's someone a few posts down needing to a) make a few bucks and b) create an ebay history selling physical goods in order to be able to sell their own digital inventory. Might be worth putting your heads together.
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i heard that channelfireball is doing this exact thing for magic: the gathering cards... you send in all your cards, they sort and price everything then make you an offer for the whole lot, no obligation afaik. I think they also do other TCGs so maybe they do this for pokemon cards as well?
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If game stores are operating near you, call around and see if they buy Pokémon cards, you may be able to handle this locally.
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Post this on Metafilter Jobs?
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Key phrase you want to look for is `buylist` - contact their buyer and they'll know the right questions to ask you to pull out the higher value stuff.
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