Digital microscope for iPad mini or iPad
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What are good digital microscope options out there for iOS devices?

Some required criteria:

• iOS support for live video/image capture
• Built-in light source and stage
• Can connect via Lightning or Bluetooth (Wifi is okay, if it doesn't require an adhoc network between iOS device and microscope)

Optionally, it would be nice if it has its own battery-backed power source, to minimize cabling and provide portability.

It does not need to be a Leica or similarly professional-grade instrument. This is for hobbyist-level work. Something for the classroom is fine, as long as it is solid and not plastic-ky.

I can read Amazon recommendations and I have search engine results. I'm hoping to get recommendations from people who have actually used the microscope in question with an iOS device and can indicate pros and cons, gotchas, any other issues. Thanks!
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