Crested Gecko safety when spraying for bugs
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I'm worried my baby gecko might eat pesticide-exposed beetles who make their way into his I over worried?

Hi, all. I have a two-month-old crested gecko. Recently I found what I think are drugstore beetles around my apartment. The apartment management is sending Orkin over to check and possibly spray corners and crevices.

My concern is that I found a couple of these beetles in my gecko’s enclosure – I think they got in through the mesh at the top or one of the other little holes in the Exo-Terra. I’m worried that a bug might go through pesticide and then into the tank. These are tiny beetles (2-3 mm) and my gecko doesn’t seem interested in them. I remove them as soon as I see them. But any thoughts on how to best protect her? (During the spraying, she is staying with a neighbor — I’m just worried about how long she needs to stay there?)

Thanks so much for any advice.
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Response by poster: (To clarify, my concern is that she might eat some that have been exposed to pesticide and make their way into her enclosure.)
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Those looks pretty small and my adult geckos would just ignore them, but who knows with babies and I think it's worth taking precautions just in case. Can you replace the top of her tank with a very fine mesh or very light fabric for the time being to keep out extraneous bugs? You may need to work around a basking light or switch to undertank heating if you don't have that already.

(gecko tax?)
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Would it be possible to lay a barrier around the gecko's enclosure? Tape sticky side up, or diatomaceous earth, something to prevent them from getting to the tank.

If you're not doing bioactive, switch to paper towel for substrate so you can check for bugs easier.

My gecko has all the feeding response of a turnip, he prefers his CGD, but I'd still do this just to be on the safe side. They're very fragile creatures.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! My little one eats Pangea now, although I'm hoping to start her on Phoenix worms this week.

Update: I talked to my apartment manager and apparently our building requires non-toxic traps/treatments only, so I'm super relieved.

Gecko tax paid!
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