Vinyl skins on MacBooks
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Is it safe to use a vinyl MacBook skin that would act as a palm rest?

My wife recently bought a brand-new MacBook Air (13", 2020) and she's very concerned that the metal of her watch band will scratch the finish of her computer. She purchased a vinyl skin (from Decal Girl, if it matters) and has installed the top and bottom pieces that cover the outside of the laptop, but not the piece that covers the inside, around the keyboard and next to the mousepad.

Apple has a support document that says, essentially, "Do not use palm rest or keycap covers on a Mac notebook with a Retina display."

Does this apply to vinyl skins too, or does it only apply to thicker, cushioned palm rests? How can the skin companies continue to sell them if they cause damage to the display? Do they actually cause damage? Is there really not any way to safely protect the palm rest area of the computer from scratches?
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The tolerances on these machines are very tight. Apple has warned against it, and screen replacement is an expensive repair. I would not risk it with my own laptop.
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There was a recent spate of reports of people cracking their MacBook screens by using those tiny webcam covers - they're only a millimetre or two thick but that's enough to mean the laptop couldn't close properly, and meant the screen could flex in a way it wasn't designed for.

I'd just take the watch off when using the laptop.
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Better to have a scratched frame than a scratched screen.
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