Time sensitive mattress question
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I'm having a mattress delivered and need an answer quickly please. It's coming in the next 1-3 hours.

I ordered a platform bed that can be raised and lowered at the head and feet. I thought I ordered one mattress for it, but two are being delivered. I think I already had it in the shopping cart and added it again. If they won't keep it and issue a refund, it is okay to stack two mattresses? I'm also thinking it might affect the flexibility of the platform. Comments on both appreciated.
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I think the main danger is that the top mattress will slide off the bottom mattress, which is uncomfortable. I’m currently sitting on a mattress that’s on top of a large upholstered bench, and it’s sliding a bit.
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In my opinion, I wouldn’t stack two mattresses on top of each other, particularly if there’s a comfort layer on the top of the mattress. It really wouldn’t work with an adjustable bed frame either. I’m sure if you call the company they’ll help you out, or you could refuse service of the extra mattress on delivery.
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I did this once on a regular bed and I remember finding it uncomfortable/annoying enough that I took one off and stored it elsewhere. I think it was a combination of being wobbly, too high, and maybe also not the right level of firmness that I’d intended.
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Unfortunately, I think the mattresses also wouldn't last as long this way.
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Refuse delivery on the second mattress. It will be harder to return once it is in your place than if it is still on the truck.
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thanks everyone for ALL of the replies. I'm going to refuse delivery.
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I'd call the store/company ahead of time to confirm, or start a return process, or just to make sure you're on top of their process. They'll probably tell you to refuse delivery, but I'd check just in case there's an extra step.
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