Good haircut in Philly/NYC?
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Where can I get a good new hairstyle/haircut in either Philly or NYC? Sick of my current hair and need someone to say "Do this". Bonus points for a specific person and/or under $100 for the cut for a man.

I have been through numerous hair styles and it always evolved from myself however now I want to change it again but am coming up empty. I have been growing my hair for a couple months so they have something to work with. I need a good salon where someone understands how hair and the shape of the face work and all that jazz I will never really "get".
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Best answer: Go to John Allan's at 46 E. 46th St. (between Madison and Park Avenue) and make an appointment with Keiko.

For $60 you'll get shampooed, manicured, plied with beer, and your shoes shined.
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Response by poster: Will I also get a new hair style with that? Or will they ply me with enough to beer to just think I have a new haircut! :)
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Best answer: If you're looking for anything in the range of "very hip" to "hip and employed", you need to go see Jess Stover at The Beehive Salon in Williamsburg. (The website may seem overly-girly, but the I usually see a pretty even split between men and women when I go.)
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Heh, yes. You'll get a haircut as well!
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Best answer: I like what they've done to my head at Maria Bonita, at the corner of Prince and Elizabeth (in Nolita). Both Pedro and Carmen have done wonderful simple things, that seem exactly designed around the hair/shape of face relationship. Oh, do note Pedro only comes to the city 11 days out of the month to cut hair, and then takes i guess a 19 day vacation back to his permanent home in Florida. Excluding tip my cut cost $50.
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I feel lucky to have a barber shop in walking distance where I get my hair cut by a former Iraqi who talks politics with me for $8.
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While I find this highly embarassing, I've been very happy with Bumble & Bumble in NYC (downtown location, seeing Andrew). It gets close to that $100 limit.
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For around $100 I get great cuts by Joseph, the boss, at Arté on Elizabeth St.
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In Philly: Go to East End Salon. It'll be around $50. Unpretentious-yet-classy, and good. I go to Michael, JoJo is highly regarded even by other stylists at competing salons, my best friend goes to Kaitlin...never heard complaints about anyone, though.
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