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Affordable accompdations in Key West in May?

Going sailing from Key West on the 13th of May, and need a shoreside place to stay on the 11th and 12th. I'm travelling with one friend. We'd like to stay somewhere convenient to the happening spots, but as cheap as possible. Funky (in the good way), budget-traveller accomodations are what we're after. Any ideas?
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Does this help?
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Well, I read all the old AskMe threads already, was looking for some general or new information.
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I don't think that 'Cheap' and 'Close to happening spots' are going to coexsist very easily in KW. I'd personally reccomend The Mermaid and the Alligator for a medium-price B&B in the area, personally. Rooms there come in around $200, and the staff was great.

One of the lowest-priced hotels listed on TripAdvisor, Budget Key West is allegedly $160/nt.

Have a blast either way, and keep an eye out for rogue drunken scooter traffic.
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Wow' I'm stumping AskMe. On other sites, I've located several places within walking distance of Duval, some as low as $70/night, that look fine, funky, and fun. I thought there might be some good budget-traveler insider info here, but I'll keep looking. Thanks!
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I stayed at Eden House a few years ago and was impressed. Cheapest room is $90. Definitely funky (maybe that was the complimentary happy hour).
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