Looking for a find-the-hidden-objects game online...
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I'm looking for a game that I THINK was posted here on Metafilter years ago. The whole game was one big scene, either a giant house or a ship, with lots of rooms, and you find particular objects in each room.

This is a long shot because I remember so few details. A while ago, at least 5 years, maybe as much as 10, I think someone posted on Metafilter about a game that I would love to play again.

Its hosted on a website and I dont think you had to download anything. You just go to the website and play, for free. The entire game was one giant scene - either a house or a ship - and you move around to different rooms. This is hard to explain. You dont exit one room and go to another - you just.... glide a few inches over into the next room. Its as if the entire house or whatever was cut down the middle and you're seeing a cross section. I think it had kind of a steampunk look to it, but my brain may be making that up.

I remember on the bottom of the boat or whatever, people were sitting at tables eating like in a cafe. Each room you were in, you'd have to find several of the same object, like keys or letters in envelopes.

You could play the whole thing in about an hour. Would love to find it again!
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Response by poster: I think there were mice hidden around too? Mice and envelopes and keys are what I"m remembering most.
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One of the Samorosts?
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I Spy Spooky Mansion? This sounds like something my son played when he was young. Different versions. Scholastic produced them, I believe.
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Response by poster: I promise I wont thread sit. But it wasnt like the games already suggested or anything like you'd find on Big Fish where you're in one room, and then you solve that room or go through a door and you're in the next room. The entire"board" is on your screen at any given time and you basically focus on one room and then glide over to the next one. You see a cross section of the ship or hotel or whatever, like this and you move from spot to spot.
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My answer is not your correct answer. But you reminded me of "Hidden Folk" which is available on Steam and is pretty cool. Just large scenese where you look for specific items and click on them.
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What you're describing is very similar to the bonus mechanic in Two Dots, but that's an app, not a website and it's not the main portion of the game.
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Response by poster: Sorry guys, none of these are correct. Although Hidden Folk looks cute and I'll check that out.

If I ever find it, i'll come back and post it here because it was the coolest game ever!
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