Someone tried to get a SBA loan in my name...and I can't reach the SBA
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My identity theft monitoring service pinged an alert this morning that someone had applied for an SBA loan from the "US SM BUS ADMIN ODA" in Fort Worth Texas. (I don't own a small business anymore, it's fraud.) The operator at the SBA center connects me to their fraud department, but the hold times are 2hrs, 45min and the office is closed when I'm not at work. Is there another way of contacting the fraud dept of this SBA center? Snail mail? Fax? E-mail?
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Tangentially related, but is it worth checking your business credit file at Dun and Bradstreet? Krebs on Security says business identity theft has increased with COVID-19.
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Sounds like this might be something to do with applying for a COVID disaster relief according to Google.

Link to reddit thread
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Response by poster: Added info in case it matters- I have not applied for COVID disaster relief, and legally dissolved a business I owned well over a year ago.
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Best answer: The operator at the SBA center connects me

Wait, they have a person who does that instead of one of those mindless voice response menus?

Call them back, tell the operator that the hold times are insane and ask for a fax number and email address to use instead.
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Best answer: You have to call RIGHT when they open. Or, if you call and they say your 300th in line, put the phone on speaker n just go something else. It’s generally the wrong and ppl hang up so your next operator update could say you are 140.
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Yeah, you have to wait on hold. I bought a couch from IKEA that turned out to be moldy, and I'm pretty sure I held for a total of 8 hours or so over several calls. It sucked, but I got my money back. This is much, much worse.

Also, email, mail a letter to their address, fax any number you can. And document all of these things in a journal, including photos when they might even possibly be applicable. If there is ever a lawsuit, these things will be worth more than their weight in gold.
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Response by poster: I spoke to the operator. No fax, no email options per her. She did tell me the fraud dept opens at 7am, so I called at 7 the next day, only had to hold for about 30 min and got to the fraud dept. Almost 80k has already been lent to the scammer but they are going to try to claw it back.
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