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i just found out you can ferment all kinds of fruits and vegetables in just honey! especially excited to try garlic, ginger, pomegranate, and peach... but how to find real raw honey?

it has to be real raw, unpasteurized honey, apparently, because it needs to contain its original microorganisms for the fermentation to work. looking on Amazon reveals a confusion of mixed reviews, and i prefer to buy elsewhere if possible anyway.

it does need to be online and ship within the USA. if you buy reliable raw honey online, please let me know where you're finding it? thanks!
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Best answer: The Honey Jar sells large amounts of honey, from Utah, that has not been heated to above 105° F.
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You don't share your location, but if you live anywhere with any kind of population you definitely have a hippie food/natural food/artisanal sprouted grain for yuppies grocery store in your area. Call them and ask who their local honey supplier is and if they have what you're looking for. Google the honey supplier and just confirm with them that they sell the thing you want (store employees often don't know product details and that's not their fault) and then you can either buy directly from the supplier or from the hippie food store.

This is exactly how I found Laney Honey a bunch of years ago--the beekeeper used to park in my alley while making deliveries to the too expensive for me produce shop around the corner. No idea if they do the kind of honey you need though, I don't know much about honey.
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I’d suggest finding a vendor from a local farmer’s market. If you do want to order online, Andrew’s Honey is amazing. Fun Fact- Paul Newman used to get his honey there too!
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And if you live in a rural or even suburban area there’s a decent chance you have a neighbor with a beehive! I buy honey from my sister’s neighbor. I’ve also seen Facebook ads for locally-produced raw honey. Basically you could try just asking around.
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Best answer: The Bee Folks, vendors at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, advertise their honey as raw, and they have a bunch of varieties.
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Nthing seeing if you can get it locally. Farmer's markets are a good option; I would also check your local craigslist; honey is awfully shelf-stable and beekeepers don't tend to advertise well (I'm generalizing, I suppose, but...) so if you have a local CL I'd definitely check there.
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Your local farmers market probably has a beekeeper who's currently doing deliveries in their truck, and you can find their contact info via the market's website.
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Response by poster: thanks so much everyone who offered links to online sources!
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Best answer: I would check to see if there's a local beekeeping association - they'll almost certainly be able to point you to people selling local honey, none of which is going to be pasteurized (though it may be filtered a bit to remove bits of wax, bee bits, and so on). Farm co-ops/feed & seed places will sometimes have local honey for sale, too.

We're closing in on end-of-summer harvest time, btw. Now's a good time to grab a bunch. It keeps nearly forever.
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Best answer: ...and by *if* there's an association, I can just about guarantee there is one - almost always at the state level, and usually at the county/region level. Just google "(county) beekeepers" (example and hit that 'local honey' link)
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Response by poster: jquinby holy smokes thank u!! turns out there's beekeepers not just in my city but my neighborhood! and they sell online!
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