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I'm looking for something not as woo as, but more thoughtful than babycentre.

When I was pregnant with my first child I was active on, but ultimately found it too woo-woo. The more mainstream alternative, babycentre, seems full of heteronormativity and people propagating harmful myths about pregnancy and childbirth.

I'm a queer feminist with whole bunch of university education, and I want to talk about baby/pregnancy/ttc stuff with thoughtful people. I do receive some complementary/alternative medicine treatments, which I feel ambivalent about, and I'm sort of woo-neutral.

Is there a place for me?
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What about reddit? /r/queerception bills itself as "a support community for LGBTQ folks growing their families". I don't know anything about this subreddit in particular, but the pregnancy related subreddits I've been a part of have been both queer-friendly (although the overwhelming majority of users are straight/cis) and both pretty chill and informed w.r.t. woo-y stuff (although tending towards evidenced based). There's also /r/moderatelygranolamoms for that particular aspect. There's a number of closed/non-public smaller subreddits for pregnant people as well.
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Are you pregnant? If so I highly recommend going on r/babybumps, finding your due date group and joining or starting a Facebook group with that due date group. Mine is particularly exceptional and still going strong 3 years later, but I think the lack of anonymity on FB makes people behave much better than they might on Reddit. We have several queer members and all kinds of families in my group. There is also a metafilter parenting FB group called More Inside, it wasn’t for me but it might be for you!
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Seconding the r/babybumps due date group suggestion if you're expecting - I had my first child last year and maybe was just lucky, but my due date group was terrific. It has largely migrated to Facebook and is still several hundred members strong, and well-moderated. I'm mostly a lurker but it has been invaluable to have some place to go for all sorts of (generally well-sourced, non-woo or woo-neutral) advice/community from pregnancy through, now, toddlerhood, from people at roughly the same kid-stage. (Lately I have been very grateful for the inspiration to be found in the "what are you feeding your kid today?" and "what is your toddler playing with these days?" posts!)
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The queer parenting group on Facebook is good. There’s also a group for the non-birth parent.
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Thirding the r/babybumps Facebook group associated with your due date month
once you’re pregnant. Ours got incredibly tight-knit. Two years later, I’m still in a group with 87 other women who are ride or die BFFs, it’s amazing.
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