Is this a wildflower plant or a weed?
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What is this tall spiky plant with super thin leaves? Images here.

In a fit of optimism this spring, I, a novice gardener, bought a couple of variety packs of wildflowers at the grocery store and planted them in a raised planter in my backyard. One weird type of plant seems to be dominating and I'm not sure if it's a weed or if it's one of the plants I planted on purpose. I'm located in Minnesota.

I did some searching in a couple of wildflower books, a Weeds of Minnesota book, and on the UMN Extension plant ID page, and haven't had any success identifying it. I pulled one up and the stem is kind of wet and crunchy like celery, not woody like a tree, if that makes sense. Most of these plants have one tall stalk but one or two of them have multiple branches. Height is currently around 3 feet tall. Haven't seen any significant flowers or anything on it.

The image link above also has a couple of pictures of the seed packets, in case that helps at all.
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Best answer: I think it’s Cosmos! At least that’s what my Cosmos looked like last year until it finally put out lovely pink flowers.
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I planted a 20 flower variety mix this year and I have a plant that looks exactly like that. Mine hasn't flowered yet either.
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Response by poster: Whoa, after image searching I think it's Cosmos too! Thanks for the quick answer, this place is amazing.
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I think I have a volunteer cosmos in one of my pots. Cool!
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Came to say Cosmos.
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Definitely cosmos daisy. So pretty!
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Cosmos. They grow so tall when they are happy!
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The magenta one in the back is cosmos. Those are...really big/full for cosmos. The seed packs list 2 varieties though so maybe the back is the dwarf variety?
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In the past I’ve grown cosmos that looked more like the one in the back but last year the ones I planted grew 5+ feet tall and didn’t put out flowers until fall... not sure if it’s to do with conditions in that part of my yard or the variety I planted. But it may stay green for a while yet!
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Had them in my yard as a child. Bumblebees love them. And then praying mantises love the bumblebees.
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Response by poster: Update: they were crazy 6ft tall cosmos plants that dominated the flower patch and bloomed lovely magenta flowers all through the fall, right up until they got snowed on yesterday. It was lovely knowing what they were!
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It's the spectacular colors of cosmos that make them so pretty... if that's what you like, try planting Gerbera Daisies along with them next year. They have the same, rich, almost fluorescent colors in bigger, daisy-like (of course lol), flowers and they look great with cosmos. Were they all magenta? Because cosmos comes in red, pink, orange, yellow, and I think purple, as well.
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