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Whats your favorite (social) bookmarking site? Please read details inside.

I am enjoying as a bookmarking utility because I am able to access my bookmarks from anywhere. (sorry, I don't make much use of the "social" aspect, other than sharing my bookmarks).

The thing I really love about Spurl is the Spurl bar, which pops in on the sidebar just like Firefox's internal bookmarks. The thing I hate about the Spurl bar is it's kind of clunky, and could definitely benefit from some AJAX love.

I have tried "Another Sidebar", but I prefer the folder structure to tags.

Are there any other bookmarking services out there with something similar to the Spurl bar?
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I'm at a disadvantage because I've only used to date so can't relate to Spurl but I recently signed up with Ma.gnolia and am loving it, in part I think because it's such a pleasure to look at (importing bookmarks was a doddle).

Far more informed reviews to be found here and here.
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