How to set up to 12 effective reminders without calendar clutter?
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We have a new process at work that means I have to get up from my desk a bunch of times a day to either greet patrons at the door OR round them up and kick them out. Since I have a hard time making it to meetings or leaving work on time without a pop-up reminder, I'm definitely going to need some kind of prompt, preferably visual but hard to miss, quiet audio OK.

HOWEVER, there are problems with all of the solutions I've considered so far.

- I don't want to clutter up my Outlook calendar with up to 12 extra appointment reminders daily.

- Could do Google reminders or phone clock reminders, but clutter is still a problem (and then I have to keep my phone on me which isn't possible for several reasons).

- There's probably a separate desktop app that would work, but I use at least 2 desktops at work plus I'm away from my desk enough that it doesn't quite cut it.

- This vibrating reminder watch seems almost perfect but I hate wearing a watch and probably won't, so it isn't.

Maybe there's no perfect solution but I figure someone here has dealt with something similar.
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If you have an iPhone, Due is very good for this sort of thing, and will keep it out of your clock app/calendar. It has very fine-grained nagging settings, in case you miss the first reminder, and can be configured to do silent as well as noisy reminders.
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Try searching online for "best reminder apps" and/or "best to-do apps" for your computer's OS. Different sites often showcase different products and the lists rarely overlap; I usually limit my deeper research to the items that get the most "good app" mentions on multiple sites. From those I decide which one best meets my specific needs.
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I'd look into whether or not Outlook supports the concept of multiple calendars like Google does. I've got a handful of calendars I use, but only a couple are always on display. Each one has a little checkbox next to it that can be used to toggle it's display on and off.
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My Outlook does support multiple calendars and that is just what I came in to suggest.
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