strong but NOT very tall indoor swing stand ?
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Heavy-duty indoor swing stand (for vigorous swinging on a regular playground swing by one average-sized adult) that's less than 8 feet tall at its highest point?

For example:
this would be ideal if it weren't 9'4" tall. (Reviews indicate it's great for adults.) Its 14-foot width is no issue – with a stand this wide, I'd use it to hang one regular swing plus, say, one hammock chair.

Bright colors welcome, but not a must. Metal or lumber frame equally good.

Recommendations of any affordable custom-build companies very welcome.

Sadly drilling into the ceiling is not an option!
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I was originally thinking you could consider indoor aerial rigs, but, looking at this one (, it says it cannot be used for swinging. Which makes me wonder if even swing sets can be used indoors... usually the legs are buried in the ground to keep it anchored. When I was a kid, we had a non-buried metal swing-set outdoors and the legs would come off the ground and then thunk back down as we swung.
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Good thinking – reviews of the linked one say it starts tipping when two people swing, so I'm hoping it would work for one
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I would, fairly strongly, suggest building it yourself using dimensional lumber, a drill, and plenty of big-ass bolts, sturdy washers, and Loctite aplenty (so that the motion of the frame doesn't loosen the nuts). That way you can make it as large as practicable in your space and potentially add "outrigger" style feet (extend them to the front and back, beyond the "A" frame portion) to limit the risk of tipping.
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Maybe something like this or this or this?
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With very little DIY you could cut down the legs on the one you linked and shorten the chains accordingly.
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Whatever you go with, you'll need to either anchor this to your floor or build a very wide, sturdy base or it will almost certainly tip over if you do anything other than gently rocking in the swing.
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