Well made masks for kids?
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The truth is my kids need better (more fitted, more comfortable) masks than I do. My children will be returning to school in a few weeks.

They will need comfortable, well fitted, breathable masks for their days. We have made many versions over the last few months, but none really hit the spot. Both Asics and Under Armour have announced sports friendly masks that might be better than what wee have found so far, but I doubt there will have kids sizes and they are not shipping until September.

Looking for good ideas and alternatives, we are going to try many styles until we can find something that our kids (7 and 10) feel they can wear all day.

Thanks for any help in the matter.
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What have been the issues with the masks you have tried?
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etsy's probably your best bet. you can measure their faces to get a decent fit. My personal preferences it to have straps go around the head, not behind ears, but YMMV.
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With a slight modification (tying a small knot in the ear loop for a tighter fit) the super cheap mask at Target fits my 7 year old daughter well, and she has even forgotten it was on her face. She tried to eat with it on... more than once! They sell them in a kids one size or adult s/m and m/l. I, an adult human woman, fit the kids one size almost perfectly.
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I wear a mask at work so I've become something of an aficionado. The Adidas face covers are good but they're currently sold out (not listed on the web site). Check often though, because they sometimes become available.

My friend's sister gave free masks to health care workers and I liked mine so much I bought more. I think that style (shovel-shaped, not pleated) is more comfortable and the absence of a nose wire is no problem.

Can they wear a neck gaiter? This style was something my teens were ok with in the beginning.

Personally, I've found the disposable surgical masks the most comfortable because I have a giant head. You might want to get a box of those as a backup.

Oh and if a mask is too big on your kids a trick I learned from a nurse was to twist the ear strap into an X before putting it over your ear.
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Have you tried the ones from Costco? They're a little bulky for my five-year-old but have a nice shape and a soft nose wire. In general with masks, I don't love the idea of little ears being under tension all day, so I clip the ear loops together in the back of the head with a strip of fabric that has snaps at the ends. If you/yours don't mind the ear loops, Costco's are adjustable.
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Note that neck gaiters are often just one layer of fabric which makes them less effective
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I'm an adult but I'm a huge fan of the target masks. Of the three styles of mask I have, I'm always grabbing my target ones if they're clean first. I also prefer ear loops, which the target mask has, because I have really thick hair and it's annoying to adjust my hair style or mess up my hair with head straps.
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When you say you’ve made some, what types have you made? There are some huge Facebook groups for mask makers with a lot of patterns and suggestions. In one group I’m in, a lot of people are recommending the Octagon aka 3D style for kids. It’s relatively easy to make or you can get one off Etsy like this to see if the style works for your kids.
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I absolutely love our Fydelity face masks - very comfortable yet snug and they have adjustable ear bands.
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The masks we got from Old Navy are holding up well, in kids and adults sizes. (Also they gave 50k masks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.)
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My kids (8 and 11) have been happy with their masks from Equal Entrance.
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We have a few locally made ones that take filters but with school potentially on the horizon and knowing my child is going to lose them even if they are on his face, I did order some of the Old Navy ones. Not usually a fan of the Gap but they were right in our price range and...surprise! He loves them. They have no nose bridge which may make them fog glasses more and may not be as effective but again...he loves them. He stopped complaining and started bringing them on bike rides voluntarily.
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Just here to echo the Target mask recommendations. My 7 yr old is wearing one outside right now while he plays with the boy next door. And he's a kid who doesn't want to wear a shirt with buttons, but somehow this mask doesn't bug him. He'll accidentally leave it on when we get in the car too, so I assume it's pretty comfortable. He is theoretically going back to school in a month and a half so I'm about to buy a bunch more.
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My kids were happy with the Vistaprint ones.
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thanks for all the suggestions! Very helpful
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