Phone videos into Home movies
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How do you get phone videos to be like old school home movies? I converted old 8mm film and old camcorder tapes into DVDs we can enjoy on TV or a computer. Once we started using phones to video things, we have lots of disconnected short videos on various phones. How are people converting/saving the files these days for watching them as if it was a continuous film? Hoping for an easy process and software recommendations.
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That's pretty easy to do on iMovie if you have a Mac. You just drop one in after the other on the timeline and export the whole file.
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What if you use windows?
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No idea if it's any good, but MS now ships a movie editor as part of the Photos app that comes with Windows 10. Since it comes with, it will probably be worth your time to take it for a spin.
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Personally I vastly prefer command lines and scripting to GUIs and clickery, especially for naturally batch-oriented jobs like this. So the first thing I'd try is mkvmerge, and if anything even slightly cleverer than simply sticking clips together end-to-end turned out to be necessary I'd break out the big ffmpeg guns.

The ffmpeg learning curve is horrible but it can be used to script any imaginable video conversion task.
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