What are your favorite writing prompts?
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I'm making a concerted effort to Write The Damn Book. I've found a few writing prompts that have been helpful to jumpstart me on days I'm spinning my wheels on a blank page, but would like to collect more.
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This is what I do:
  • Go to the Ninja Words website.
  • Click the "Random" button three times, or more, until I get three random words that I am happy with as a writing prompt.
  • Write. (Of course, any site that generates random words would work, but I've found Ninja Words the best for me.)
I've also used Writer Igniter.
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There's a small defunct Toronto Facebook group called "Creative Writers Unite" which has like 200 days of writing prompts. If you join, well, there you go
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I was just in a zoom writing class today and they recommended Gathering Voices by Marty McConnell.
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There's also /r/writingprompts.
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I’ve used this list compiled by Wordpress.
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