Wireless earbuds that are easy to use
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Hi, anyone can recommend wireless earbuds that work for a technophobe? They can pair to bluetooth but like...that should be really easy and also they should be super easy to charge and super easy to use. Key sound quality issue is voice -- they have a windows pc and do not have a cell phone so not likely to be for music, instead it's for video conferencing and such. Thanks
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I just got these Skullcandy wireless earbuds and so far they work great. I am not super tech-savvy and they are very easy to set up, charge, etc. They were also recommended by Wireless as a good budget choice if that matters.
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I use TOZO T6s for music, but they get used for phone calls as well when I receive a call while listening to music and I have only ever had good experiences with them. They charge in the case, auto-pair when I remove them, and un-pair when I put them back in the case. Those features might be standard but they're super easy to use.
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I have those skullcandy earbuds specifically for conference calls. On the first pair, one wouldn’t charge. I sent them to skullcandy for warranty service and they sent me a new pair which appears to have a similar issue, but more intermittent.

I am pretty tech savvy (I’m an analytics and IT professional), but maybe this is user error somehow.

I have a pair of Raycon E25 earbuds that work great. Hold a charge for a long time, sound good. Pair effortlessly. My teen has had a pair of these for over a year with no problems.
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I purchased these Anker earbuds in January of 2019 to use while jogging. They were easy to pair with my phone and are really comfortable. The sound quality is good and there are controls on the wire, making it easy to change volume or music tracks. They also have a built-in microphone and work to answer calls easily.

Since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, I have used them multiple times each week for Zoom/BlueJeans calls with work. They allow me to hear the meeting without waking up other family members in my small apartment.

To charge, you just pull open a little rubber piece and plug in a mini-USB cable.
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