ISO experiences with Identity Protection Services
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A friend texted me asking about these. I’ve never used one so I’m asking y’all. Mostly I’m interested in hearing from people who’ve actually tried one of these services. My bias is against them, so feel free to try to convince me I’m wrong. I’ve already urged them to freeze their credit reports. When I searched MetaFilter for identity protection service the newest question I found was from 2016.
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They are useful if you are actively under attack and fraudsters are attempting to open multiple accounts with your information. I had multiple car loans taken out in my name during a brief period that I unfroze my credit for job-related background checks. Monitoring was useful to a) see them show up, because there's a lag in many smaller FCUs reporting to the credit bureaus, and b) to see them come off as I dealt with the headache of notarizing fraud affidavits.

If not in that situation, I think you're fine to leave your credit frozen and check every four months with a free credit report at each bureau.

This Krebs on Security article is a great starting point for where to freeze. It includes a couple obscure bureaus outside the "Big 3".
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Since I was involved in the 2015 Data Breach they signed me up with something called My ID Care. That system does some sort of monitoring but it isn't clear to me how much. I get emails every few months from them that say
MyIDCare has discovered that one or more of your identity monitoring services has a new notification. This is not a credit notification.
When I sign in to check, it seems like all they're doing is advising me that the status of locally-registered sex offenders has changed, but again it isn't clear from what, to what.
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My friends are going with more 2FA and freezing their credit. I was in on the 2015 data breach too and that's what I did then. The freeze was a major inconvenience once, mostly because it took me a while to realize that it was the problem (generic error messages suck). 2FA is a minor annoyance.
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