Livestream audio and video quality?
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I'm watching an upcoming free livestream of a folk music concert, and have a choice between YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch streams. Which should I choose?

I'm more concerned with audio quality, since I assume the video is not going to be gorgeous HD anyway. My connection is not the fastest (25MBps down) but it is very stable. I essentially never get gaps or bad artifacts while streaming with reliable services. I am willing to hold my nose and watch whichever service is likely to have the best quality.

If anyone really wants specifics, here are the streams on: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.
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I don't think the audio quality will depend on the platform, but on whatever quality/format is streamed, and if your computer/speakers/receiver can process it.
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Best answer: Twitch doesn't do any re-compression of the stream, as far as I can tell. Audio is limited to 160 kbps AC3, according to OBS.

Also according to OBS: Facebook is limited to 128 kbps. YouTube is 160 kbps. This is about what I expected from FB, considering how much they like to compress the hell out of photos and videos.

I'd say avoid FB and use YouTube or Twitch, whichever you prefer.
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Best answer: I watched several "virtual festivals" this summer on both Twitch and YouTube and they were both totally fine audio quality, in many cases identical. Facebook's quality is definitely worse. One thing I liked is that the twitch phone app had an "audio only" mode so I could keep it running in the background while I worked out, I didn't see that option on YouTube but I may have missed it
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. It was an interesting experience, I tried out all three. Facebook seemed to have the least gapping, possibly due to the fact that it was also the most behind relative to the other two. I couldn't tell any difference in sound quality per se while wearing headphones. Video seemed to be limited by the performer's upstream so I can't draw conclusions.
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