Is my ground beef still good/safe?
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Taco Thursday! (Okay, I know it's Taco Tuesday, but can't resist some good ol' ground beef!) In April, I bought ~2lb (2.2 something to be exact?) ground beef from the grocery store, set to expire April 8ish. I think I initially refrigerated it, but pretty quickly froze it, kept it frozen, moved, had a short move (~15-20, no more than 30 minutes definitely) timeframe when the beef was outside the freezer in transit. Immediately re-froze for the next ~2 months. Left in the refrigerator 2 days to thaw fully. Cooked/browned, looks fine. Is it safe?

In the spirit of preventing food poisoning, wanted to check in with the Green. Pic of the ground beef just as it was starting to cook (after the 2 days in the refrigerator thawing).

Saw a recommendation that I thaw a 2lb in the refrigerator for 2 full days.

Did a small taste test, tasted fine, not off or anything. Didn't get a chance to smell the (raw) beef before cooking, though.

Thanks for any input!
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I would enjoy the heck out of those tacos.
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I would eat it. Happy taco Thursday!
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Best answer: Eat it!

If it didn't immediately smell off when you opened it to cook it, it's most likely fine. You wouldn't have been able to not notice the smell if it was off.
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Best answer: April 8 isn't an expiration date, it's a sell-by date-- that's when the store wants to turn it over, not you. That date is like a tag on your mattress-- it's the store's problem, not yours.

As for you, you maintained the cold chain, you didn't thaw then re-freeze, and it didn't spend more than, whatever, a week in the fridge. 2 months in the freezer is nothing for wrapped ground beef.

Enjoy your tacos!
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Best answer: Have just done something similar. Can confirm not presently dead.

Your freezer is 0F, so it's doubtful anything would have thawed in 30 minutes. As for two days, that's about the minimum for it to all thaw out, in my experience; one day and it's still frozen all through, so it probably wasn't at slowly-going-off temp for a lot of that time. In my book, time frozen doesn't count.

You can fry ground beef from frozen, if you lack patience in the future, but it breaks up into smaller pieces.
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Response by poster: Very helpful, thank you all! I ended up making nachos instead, and will have tacos using the leftover ground beef tomorrow or this weekend.

I'm still somewhat new at the finer arts of cooking, but learning everyday!
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