Inexpensive left-handed pinking shears: do they exist?
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People who sew: can you recommend a pair of left-handed pinking shears for fabric? I have looked online at craft stores (Michaels, Joann, etc.), Amazon, and eBay and it seems that a truly left-handed pair (correct blade position rather than just a compatible hand grip) is very hard to find. I am in the US.

I would rather not order a vintage pair from eBay because the all-metal handles those typically have are not comfortable for my hands, and I find that pinking shears really need the extra comfort!

I would prefer something around the price point of Fiskars ($15 to 30-ish range) compared to pricier brands such as Gingher, so that I can use the extra money on other sewing supplies. Would I be better off just learning to cut right-handed with readily available pinking shears?
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Not a lefty, so I can only come up with more creative solutions... Have you considered a rotary cutter with a pinking blade?
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They aren't inexpensive, nor do they have the "pinking" blades, but Lefty's has a bunch of sewing scissors for sale.

(FWIW, I sew, and I find that a straight edge is fine for most things, instead of a pinked edge, as long as you handle the fabric carefully enough to prevent fraying. YMMV depending on your fabrics, though.)
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You might also want to send a message to Melissa Quaal of Happy Stitch. She wrote a blog post at The Sewcialists about being a left-handed sewist.
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I am a lefty, and my pinking shears are Fiskars. They've worked just fine for me.
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Not a lefty, so I can only come up with more creative solutions... Have you considered a rotary cutter with a pinking blade?

How much is that froggie in the window, I knew I forgot to mention something in my question! I actually have a rotary cutter with a pinking blade, and that's what prompted this question - it had some difficulty cutting through a few layers of fabric yesterday, even with a new blade, so I thought regular pinking shears might be worth a try. Great suggestion though!
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I'm pretty sure my left handed pinking shears are Fiskars (they're old). They aren't that comfortable in my opinion due to the molded plastic handles, which are orange colored. They hurt my hand for any extended cutting. Fiskars may have better models now.

By the way, I can't use scissors right handed at all, they simply don't cut anything or are unusable because of accuracy. For regular scissors I prefer ones that are ambidextrous.
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I have several pair of pinking shears & I find them difficult to use with one layer of fabric, let alone multiples. Most manufacturers recommend cutting only one layer at a time with pinking shears. I have Fiskars, Gingher, & a vintage pair & rarely use them; I find the rotary cutter with pinking blade works better for me on one or more layers. Take a look at Fiskars Easy Action Pinking Shears, in person if possible. They are not traditional flat scissors. They might work for left-handed sewers.
Not cheap, but with coupon or sale at Joann maybe in your range.

Just a personal opinion, but I think it is worth investing in the best sewing scissors/cutting tools you can afford. The ease & precision in cutting with high quality scissors reduces frustration & hand fatigue. Inexpensive scissors, esp, pinking shears, will chew up your fabric. I love my Ginghers of various sizes/blades & send them regularly to the factory for sharpening/refurbishing. Some of the newer Fiskars are good. Fiskars now owns Gingher & may have adopted some of their scissors know-how. Both are made in America. I have a lot of scissors. Being right-handed does give me more options & I take advantage of Joann sales/coupons. It might be worth asking your sewer friends if they have a pair you could try before you invest. Good luck in your search.
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That video is for regular scissors, but they make pinking shears like that.
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