Who sells the freshest durian in Portland, OR?
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My sifu of many years loves durian, but not the quality of local options. I want to give him one as a thank-you present, but only if it's up to his standards. Portland-area MeFites -- where can I find fresh durian? Willing to travel within reason.
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Best answer: Have they mentioned which local options they’re not fond of? It’s the middle of durian season right now, so I’d be shocked if you couldn’t get a quality fruit right now at H-Mart/Uwajimaya/Fubon (whichever’s convenient to you, location-wise).
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Best answer: If sheer volume counts for an indication of freshness, quality or product turnover, SF mart has a fuck ton of them right now. They're like stacked under every single produce display as of last Thursday. I have found that SF has a much better produce section than most other asian markets out on the east side, H-Mart being the only exception (but I also haven't seen durian at H-mart before).
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Response by poster: These are both very encouraging answers! thank you. I have been curious about SF Mart.
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