Zoom backgrounds, but not the backgrounds you're thinking of.
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I'm watching this video and wondering how this video managed to have the blue-purple spacey background behind all of their Zoom boxes.

This is another video that does the same thing--has a backdrop behind the Zoom videos going on. Does anyone know how this is done?

If anyone has any ideas how to replicate in the first (puppet) video how the guy and the puppets in the bottom long box look contiguous, I'd also like to know that. They are in different panels and I can tell they all have the same background, but they don't have the Zoom highlight box going off around each individual person/character when they are talking and you can't really see the dividers unless the guy moves enough so that you can tell he's hitting the virtual wall.
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They're probably compositing the different video streams with OBS which is what is drawing the graphics and fancy background. Whether they're using Zoom or something else I don't know and I'm not sure how they're feeding it into OBS. But certainly OBS can capture video from windows from things like Skype calls or other web conference apps.
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Oh there's a pretty good tutorial video here of using Zoom with OBS (for D&D but it applies for whatever)
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Seconding that they're almost certainly using some more specialized streaming software like OBS or XSplit to handle the compositing and keying; if they're used to streaming a lot they may even have a green-screen backdrop behind them to make the background replacement look better. It's entirely possible that they're not even using Zoom to do the call behind the scenes, a lot of these streams use Discord or Skype or some other video calling app. (The second video appears to be using Skype, as there's a Skype watermark in the corner of the webcam videos.)
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