Secret smiles
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Life is rough these days. Staring at my cheese grater today, I realized there’s a secret smiley face above the slice hole and it brought me some joy. (Similar image here, though this one looks much more intentional—mine has very subtle eye dimples, such that it makes me think it’s an unintentional smile. What other objects have secret smiley faces and will bring the user a hidden squeal of joy and/or delight?

(NB: I’m looking for objects that have inadvertent smiley faces—not fruits that have been made to look like faces, etc.) Thanks :)
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Response by poster: Oops missed a closing parenthesis! Pardon the error, too busy grinning about my happy cheese grater. Also realized I missed the opportunity to title the Ask “Say Cheese!”
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They're not all smiles, but if you're not already following Faces In Things on Twitter you should be!
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Best answer: Even the electrical outlets in Denmark are happy.
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Best answer: The phenomenon of finding faces in things is called pareidolia and is well-studied, so that's something that might help you find more. The wikipedia page about it has a really excellent grinning airplane.

They're not specifically smiles, but I found this extremely surprised newspaper vending machine[insta] a couple years ago, and keep this confounded cardboard packaging[mltshp] in my office window.
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Best answer: It took me a few years to notice the face in this type of ceramic space heater (bonus: on mine the nose is a button)
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A few years ago, I had a car that had one of the windshield wiper fluid shooters come loose. It was shaped roughly like a mushroom, and the bottom edge of the head and the two fluid jets had the effect of looking like a face with a fairly wry smile. I enjoyed it.
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There's /r/pareidolia, too. Lots of faces and things that look like other things.
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Best answer: The fronts of cars always look like they have faces to me! In particular when I was a kid my dad drove a big Ford work van that looked like it had a dopey smile (I think it was something like this one - see how the hole in the bumper looks like the "D" in :D? d'aww.)
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I see faces in the drop ceiling tiles at my physical therapy provider. One looks like Dennis the Menace. Yesterday I saw a good caricature of LBJ and a woman who could be Archie's Betty, but with a bubble cut.
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Best answer: I have this corn stripping tool whose face delights me. the picture it's smiling at someone else, not you.
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There's a "faces in places" blog you should check out.
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Best answer: Sheet music featuring pairs of notes that are tied together with a curved line at the bottom. Like this.

The reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen has a smiley face at the bottom.
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Related (keep hittin' refresh)

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The serene empress has outdone me, but taking the difficulty down a notch the Japanese katakana (phonetic) character tsu ツ is a common smiley form. Shi シ is a bit wonky, but give it credit for trying. So and n ソ, ン are struggling with a life changing accident but nevertheless have a cheerful outlook.
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There’s also an instagram account called iseefacesinthestrangestplaces.
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The fronts of cars always look like they have faces to me!

Happy car is happy
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