Where can I get the “Yes/No” machine from the movie Brazil?
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I want to buy a replica of this machine from the movie Brazil. It worked like a coin flip, it would give you a “yes/no” answer. Any ideas where/if I could get one?
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You could build it yourself. Like so.
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Well.. it's definitely from the Memphis design era in the 80s. I would definitely add that as a keyword. It also looks like something from a museum store. Maybe also try MoMA?
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According to Too-Ticky's link, the original was custom made for the movie at enormous cost. Also according to the link, the design drops a heavy, sharp weight onto an acrylic surface which rapidly starts to develop stress cracks.
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This isn't a direct answer, but based on your question, you may find this book of great interest.
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I could swear that those devices were in existence before the movie and were sold via some expensive novelty crap catalogs/stores like Sharper Image or whatever was around at the time. Maybe it was just something similar in function.
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