Improving speaking voice ... voice coach?
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I'm looking for resources for improving my public speaking voice. Particularly in areas like intonation and articulation, not so much speech preparation. Can you recommend media (books, CDs) or coaching (online) that would be helpful? Any other advice would be welcome as well as to the best way to approach this.
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The Right to Speak by Patsy Rodenberg
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IF YOU GET THE RIGHT COACH, he or she can do wonders in a short time. A smart vocal coach will pick what can be done. (I write this because I know one who is that strategic, but you don't live near me.) So, ask around where you are.
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If there are theatres in your area, particularly classical theatres, they may know coaches they can recommend. Also they probably need the work right now. Or I can recommend Alison Matthews.
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Seconding actors/acting coaches.
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This is a Voice
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I asked this question recently in a different venue and got two incredibly helpful recommendations: first, Kristin Linklater and specifically her book, Freeing the Natural Voice; and second, work with someone trained in Alexander Technique.
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I had a similar goal recently, and started with a speech therapist. She immediately sent me to an acting coach, because that's what you need for intonation & articulation if you don't have some underlying problem. The coach had me do all kinds of breathing, speaking, yelling, etc. exercises, plus a fair amount of general motion stuff. It was very helpful, and cheaper than speech therapy!
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