Help me name the sections on my website
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Currently have a website to sell my things. The two categories (and two separate pages, listed on the home page) are 'knitting' and weaving'. I need to change them, but not sure of best wording.

Currently 'Knitting' has knitting patterns, which are a digital product (pdf). 'Weaving' are woven objects, a physical thing I post to buyers. I want to add some other handmade things, that are knitted. But if I put them under 'knitting' I think it will get confusing (people thinking they are buying a shawl when they are buying the pattern for a shawl kind of thing).

The theme of my online store is everyday luxury, deserving beautiful things, etc. So just labelling them something like 'digital' and 'physical products' is not what I am aiming at. The physical objects are not just clothing, there will be things like blankets and glasses cases. I was thinking 'make something special' and 'buy something special' but in both cases you are buying something. Please help me out of my spiral of overthinking!
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I would keep it very straightforward and SEO-friendly.
'make something special' and 'buy something special might sound whimsical and "different", but for a first-time visitor, it's just confusing.

I would do :
-knitting patterns (or digital patterns, if you want to offer weaving patterns too for example)
-handmade textiles (or fiber art, or unique textiles, but in any case something very descriptive).

What do you imagine people would type in google to find you? Focus on that as well in your titles and product descriptions if you want to make sure you get visitors, after putting lots of effort into building the website.
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Totally agree w/ PardonMyFrench. Put the whimsy into the design and supporting text, but keep the title and at least the beginning of the product description and/or the short description very focused on clarity.

Remember that the user's goal is understanding first and foremost, then feeling. They're both important, but the understanding part needs to be there. Imagine if you invited a guest into your home. They'll feel a certain way based on your design/decorating decisions, but if they don't know where to put their coat, go to the bathroom, etc., it will make them immediately uncomfortable. Be a good host! (I mean, you know, if we ever get to invite people in our homes again...)
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Patterns // goods
Patterns to buy // handmade goods
Buy instructions // buy unique goofs
Make your own // buy mine (just kidding here)
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As someone in the market for knitting patterns, I find iteki’s suggested categories to be the clearest. Something like “patterns [to buy/for sale]” and “[luxury] handmade goods” would work. Then, as PardonMyFrench said, you would put more description and whimsy into the product descriptions. Category titles need to be informative, like the legend on a map.
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Knitting patterns
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Don't get fancy. Google doesn't like it an neither will your shoppers. Stick with the most descriptive. Check what other sites are calling it and call it the exact same. Navigation is not where you brand things.
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Put the patterns in a pattern section. If there are enough to sort them by type, do so.

Put the physical objects in sections that describe what they ARE. Wall-hangings? Tapestries? Baskets?

Definitely not knitting and weaving. That tells a potential buyer little to nothing. Here is another way to think it through: would you look on a clothing website and search by the method in which a piece of clothing was sewn, or would you just look for the name of the item of clothing?
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thanks everyone. I went with Digital Patterns and Handmade Textiles - perfectly explains what they are.
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