Mask question part 2!
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I recently asked for some pointy and sharp masks for dealing with customers. I got some from threadless under the assumption that the premium ones would have a nose wire. They don't. So not only are they fogging up the glasses- I have to readjust them every 2 seconds or I have dick nose. What the heck do I do now?

I like these guys and intended to keep them- The designs are perf and I guess now I have to find a work around. Problem 1: absolutely no sewing skills. Problem 2: limited time and $$$. That being said- I could throw some $$ at this if it's worth it. Problem 3: Glasses. My perfect solution would be something I could order from amazon that would go on the outside of my mask over my nose like a clip that I can just sanitize each night? IDK? Hope me pls.
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I added a nose wire onto mine by hand-sewing a very narrow tube of fabric (took a thin long rectangle of fabric, folded it into a tube, stitched it along the fold); then stitching that tube onto the very top edge of the mask, then sticking a wire (each end pinched into a curl for safety) into the tube. I also did my husband's this way and it's the only mask he'll wear bc it's sealed so nicely on top he doesn't get glasses fog.

dick nose lol
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Adhesive nose wires are available at Amazon among other sites
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I ordered self-adhesive aluminum nose wires from this etsy seller. While I used them in my own sewn cloth masks, they could go on the outside of the nose bridge of a commercial mask without chafing, etc.

The trick is to make sure you get the self-adhesive ones and not the hot-melt glue ones (unless your masks can survive a hot iron.)
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Problem 1: absolutely no sewing skills.
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Can you tape the mask to your cheeks with medical tape? It's apparently an "old surgeon's trick" handed down over time.
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The metal things linked above have adhesive that really sticks- I have put them in purchased masks on the inside of where you put the filter in. It hasn't fallen out after wearing it all day. And if it does, I will just stick a new one on. You don't need any sewing skills to do it!
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I have some very floppy cloth masks which were almost unusable until I started using ear savers to make the fit more snug. They reduce, but don't entirely eliminate, glasses condensation. They also help with the very bloke problem of stubble catching on the mask, pulling it down for a dick nose scenario.

(I could mail some ear savers to you, but I think I'm in a different country from you. They are light 3d printed objects, cost almost nothing to make, and I can get several in a regular envelope.)
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Problem 1: absolutely no sewing skills

That used to be my problem as well, until one day I was faced with a need to do something only slightly more complex than attaching a bit of wire to the outside edge of a mask. I reacted by finding a needle and a spool of thread and getting the very minimal sewing skills required. Essentially I just pretended I was lacing a pair of boots and scaled it down.

Sewing ain't rocket science, and the lack of practice that makes my every sewing job take 20x as long as it would take somebody with actual skills, and look 10x less tidy and last 5x less long, needn't be a showstopper for a job as small as this.

So if your problem were my problem, I'd go find a paperclip and a pair of long nose pliers; straighten the paperclip out, and use the pliers to bend the ends back on themselves to a distance of maybe 1/8"; then use a needle and thread to sew it onto the outside of the mask maybe 1/8" from the top edge. Just start at one end under the bent-back hook part, then stitch round and round and round over the top of the wire, through the mask, then back up under the wire until you get to the other end. The design idea is that as well as the bent-back ends removing the sharp poky quality of the ends of a piece of wire, they hook back over the stitching to stop the wire sliding out from under.

Now you have a mask that fits and a new skill.
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Ok ok I have Autism related fine motor skill issues. I also have an essential tremor that I have a prescription for propranolol for- I took me 5 goddamn years of Occupational Therapy as a kid to learn to hold a pencil and it took me til the AGE OF 14 before I could tie my own goddamn shoes. I. CANNOT. SEW.
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In that case, I withdraw and apologize for my useless advice.
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Sorry- I didn't mean to be too harsh- believe me, it's a skill I'd love to have but I don't think it's in the cards for me unless I purposely go get more OT for it. Hence why I need work-arounds.
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1. Put the mask on, then place a strip of surgical tape over the top edge. As demonstrated here.
2. You could also try reversing the ear loops (assuming, ear loops). The bottom of the loop goes over the top of your ear, and vice versa, so that the corners are drawn together which may fit better.
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... just by twisting it as you put it on. Not a sewing technique.
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However according to this the ear loops should NOT be twisted so I would go with the tape method..
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The self-adhesive nose bars from Etsy or Amazon are cheap and work fine. No sewing needed.
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I don't know how you would feel about having the tape under your eyes as demonstrated with the surgical tape (I know that I couldn't handle it since I'm allergic to most adhesives). You can also just get double stick tape for the inside of the mask at the top of the nose part. There's the regular Scotch tape kind (Target or wherever) and there's 'fashion' double stick tape. The 'fashion' kind can definitely be found at Ulta - marketed to prevent *cough* wardrobe malfunctions.

Maybe pick up some tape while you order the sticky nose things from Etsy?

One other option. Attach furry pipe cleaners to the inside of the mask with one long strip of surgical paper tape and then just pull them off before you wash them. You can order them online or find them at places like Michaels or the Dollar Store. Look in the kid or craft section.
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I found the threadless masks too big when I first got them, but after a laundry cycle they shrunk a smidge and now fit in a more fitted fashion. I wear my glasses over the top edge though.

It might be worth a shot, throw one in the laundry and see if that helps. (I found they shrunk just the first time, I got a few from threadless, and I like that I don't need to be precious with them.)
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I would also recommend that if you try the medical tape trick you test it somewhere other than your face first. I am also allergic and the last thing you need is welts on your cheeks.
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Google led me to an Etsy search for "nose clip". Here are a few that may be of interest. They all should probably be removed and hand washed not put in the washing machine with the mask.

all the search results

plastic nose clip

another plastic nose clip

this one has snaps

adhesive (not reusable as is, you would need replacement adhesive such as double sided tape)

If you want something sewn into your masks, I would be happy to do that for you, but the mailing back and forth won't be a fast solution. Message me if you are interested in this option.
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Check your memail! I have adhesive nose wire thingies.
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If you buy the kind of coffee or tea that comes in bags with the tops folded over, the metallic strips that hold the bags shut make much better nose wires IMO than the things they sell as nose wires. I think these at Amazon are the same things, and they're peel-and-stick, so you wouldn't have to do any sewing.
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You could also apply the store brand Breathe Right anti-snoring/athletic performance strips to the inside of the mask. They have a bendy wire in them and are designed for noses.
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Hollywood tape also works as an adhesive. Seals any mask around the nose to your face.
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In addition to getting the stick-on nose strips, I'd recommend trying the tissue method described here to reduce fogging of glasses. It has worked for me and would be easier on your skin than the medical tape route.
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Sounds like the earloops might be loose, you might be able to fold them in half and poke the ends through those cord adjusters that sometimes turn up on drawstrings. Don't know if that will work with your motor issues, or not. I think they are called cord locks.
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I like this brand for hiking and biking with glasses. It's got a sort of large pleat design that keeps a lot of the mask away from your face, and a good sturdy metal ribbon in the nose. It also has two all-around-head velcro straps. These combine to be pretty good with glasses and exertion, largely due to good adjustable fit and more airspace inside.
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You can also buy anti-fog sprays and pastes to apply to your lenses. Some sprays have to be reapplied more often than others. The pastes might last longer. Another option is to rub the tiniest dab of dish washing liquid onto the lenses.
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Also I had a couple of the pleated disposable surgical masks that I’d pulled out the ear elastics. So I cut out the nose wire strip and used it on other masks. I sewed mine on but you could use double-stick tape.
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