Missed US/NYS/NYC tax filing deadline -- can you point me to websites?
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I missed the extended deadline. Since the age of 16, I have always filed on time. Could be the isolation (I have left the apartment 3x since early March), could be age, could be that my computer is in pieces on a shelf. Whatever. Will you help me find that free gov't or other website to make this semi-right?

--I don't want to use TurboTax again.
--I don't owe, and won't be getting anything back.
--I can't use the EZ Form because a small amount of dividends/capital gains will have been reported, no earned interest to speak of.
--I take the standard deduction.
--I have no income except Social Security.

Will pay penalties (unless they are willing to have a word with my shrink!) No, never mind. ::sigh::

This is causing me great anxiety. Any links appreciated. Thanks.
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Go directly to the source. The IRS has links on their site. Can you use one of these? File now, and if you owe a penalty, it won't be much.

Here's a link to the NY State form.

I hope this helps.
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Since I was 16 I have never filed on time....I may have gotten an extension or two in on time but not even that most of the time. I have never paid a fee (although I do get it mailed out within a few days usually. My extension went out today). So yeah if you’re audited you may pay a fee but you very likely may not.

Go to free fillable forms. If you want to file an extension, it won’t let you submit online since it’s past the deadline, but you can fill it out, print it out (assuming you have access to a printer) and mail it in. The only info you need besides personal info is your paid taxes and your estimated owed taxes, which it sounds like you know.

You might be able to file your taxes (vs an extension) online with free fillable forms since the extension date is not passed but I’m not 100% sure. There are also some restrictions on who can file through this system. But you can always fill them in online (it does the math for you) then print it out and mail it in. Maybe see if there’s a UPS or Fedex/kinkos nearby that can print and mail for you, so there’s only one trip out of the house, if you can do that.

I’m sorry I can’t help with NY.
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Also this site makes it sound like the late filing penalty is based on unpaid taxes. So if you don’t owe any then your fine would be $0 (possibly $135 if you file 60 days late, according to #7 on the list). So I think you’re fine! Get it in this weekend. Makes sense why I was never charged as I always get money back.
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There is no EZ form for 2019 (or 2018). Everyone uses the 1040 now, except those over 65 can use the 1040SR which has larger print. Adding to the chorus that if you owe nothing, you should not have to pay a penalty to the Feds. I was once almost a year late in filing and got a refund so I did not owe any penalty.

Make sure you are required to file. For the Federal return, limits on income means you may not have a filing requirement. It is a good idea to file Federal for identity protection reasons and if you are required to file state or local returns, since they ask for amounts from your Federal returns.

There are several places listed on the IRS website that will file you Federal return for free if you make under 69K. Most places charge for state and local filing.
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Don't ask me why, but I always file paper forms - I download the PDFs from IRS.gov, fill them out, mail them in. (I know you said your computer is busted - hang on).

I made sure to mail them in back in April, out of spite. Just last week, I thought to check for my refunds - state had arrived, but Fed had not, and the IRS "Where's my refund?" page had no record of my return getting filed.

Alarmed, I called the IRS, and spoke with a rep. Per her, they are hurting badly staffing-wise; they plan to start processing paper returns on August 1st. She agreed it would be okay for me to file an extension (I used Free File Fillable Forms as linked above) as a hedge in case my return really had gotten lost in the mail.

All of which is just to say - sounds like the IRS is buried, so maybe you picked the right year to mess this up, and you'll sleaze your way out of this unscathed.
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You're a week late in filing during a pandemic. I would get the paper forms if you can't use the online forms, and send them in as soon as you can. The IRS will assess any late fees you owe and let you know.

Soelo is right - there's one form for everyone now, and then you can file any applicable schedules you need.

If it were me, that's all I would do.
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H&R Block free file is pretty generous in what it allows you to do “for free.”
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Free Tax USA will do it for free online. Easy as pie.
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Response by poster: You folks have been great, as always. I had a mild panic attack when the pertinent papers -- like my Social Security earnings -- were not in the spot I thought I designated. Then I found it in the envelope I took to the DMV in February. Getting older can be a drag (don't worry, I don't drive!)

So I charged an old laptop; and, the Brother printer is at least connected to electricity, and the wifi button is lit.

soelo I used your link and I am required to file -- figured that was a good place to start -- also obtained other info from that site.

I am going to eat something (haven't eaten since yesterday?), then try to print, then work through the links you all have given me to either file on line or just print and mail.

I just needed somebody to get me started -- you have all very kindly done that! Many thanks!

Best marks to all!!
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FWIW, I'm not required to file, but I still send in "zero returns" because I have a settlement for past-owed taxes which requires me to file on time for five years and I don't want to screw that up. I call the IRS, they have no idea what I'm talking about, and they might just throw mine away, but I do want to make sure there's nothing that can bite me and reinstate a fairly large tax bill.
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