What's a great brand of lightweight dishware?
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I'd like lightweight dishware. A smaller plate, bowl or plate/bowl hybrid will be fine. I'd like it to be nontoxic or less toxic, light to carry, microwaveable and dishwasher safe. It must be available for delivery or curbside at a store likely to be found in a large US metro.

I've looked online and it's a challenge.

What kinds of brands can I look for? What materials?

Struggling with these:

- Many vendors don't list the weight
- Ceramic appears to be too heavy
- Melamine isn't microwave safe and may be toxic
- I don't love the shape of Corelle (this shape, with the lip) but it seems like a great fit otherwise
- I can't get a sense whether the Corningware pieces on the Corelle site would be light enough - but many of those are out of stock anyway
- The IKEA Besegra line, which looks nice, is unattainable—first delivery option is mid-August and the curbside pickup is turned off

Weight is really the factor. I don't care if it shatters easily or will scratch or will need to be replaced. A complete set is nice but not necessary. The reason for the need is an illness which makes it hard to lift up the bowls and plates currently in the house, move them from fridge to microwave, etc. This is part of a broader project to improve accessibility of daily tasks.
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I own many of the Corelle Winter Frost White pieces and they are fairly light. The rimmed cereal bowl is a plate/bowl
hybrid and weighing mine just now on the kitchen scale it’s 8.5 oz. If there are other Corelle pieces you’re interested in, I’d be happy to weigh them and report back!
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Corelle is generally la little ighter than regular ceramic china in my experience, but it's not as light as melamine would be. It's actually a kind of glass. I totally get the problems of melamine, which can deteriorate in a dishwasher and can't be microwaved. In a pinch, you could use the heavier-duty paper plates, very light and easy to obtain. I know the waste is problematic, though.

I don't know where you are or how much dishware you need, and if it matters if it matches, but if you truly don't care about the cosmetic issues, I'd check thrift shops (Goodwill has an on-line store) or ebay, or a similar site. People want to sell all sorts of things and you might find something in stock that can be delivered quickly. And I think ebay has a way you can message a seller to ask questions, like how heavy the pieces are.
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I’ve been really happy with these bowls from Amazon. I think they meet all your requirements and they sell plates, etc., of the same material.
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I love my Corelle winter white pasta bowls. They're a little bit flatter than the corelle piece you linked.
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We had Corelle forever (similar weight requirements like yours) but switched to Target’s
basic Made by Design line a couple of years back. They’re holding up well, but I find them to be a bit more fragile than Corelle. They’re cheap to replace thankfully.
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Corelle is a great option for you. Look on ebay for shapes and patterns that you may like better than what is on the Corelle site.
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My personal concern is not especially with toxicity, so I guess do your own research, but I do have a terrible high-wattage microwave that makes most surfaces un-handle-able. My preferred dishes:

Target's children's line Pillowfort, the un-divided 7" plates
A set of white-gray-speckled microwave-safe plates (like, I got them in the appliance section next to the microwaves) that either came from Target or Walmart but I can't find online now
Corelle plates, winter frost as above

And the winner of the non-plastic version, but now I'm pissed because they're way more expensive than when I bought them: Corelle winter frost soup/salad bowls, but they're still worth $40 because they fit in the top rack of the dishwasher if you don't have room on the bottom. They're brilliant because the bowl part gets real dang hot in the microwave but the elevated rim is pretty handleable even after several minutes. I do set them into another plate (usually the Pillowfort plates above) to make them not so hot on the table. They're big enough for a full meal, but still quite modest in space requirements.
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My SO's dad has been using melamine plates for decades for the same reason you are looking for new dishes. They are indeed very light.

I know he's gotten at least some of them from Ikea.
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We have the Pillowfort plates and bowls and I thought of them too. Given the colors, they definitely tend to read as "for children," but are very light and do great in the microwave and dishwasher, and aren't flimsy at all despite being plastic. I've seen that Target does have similar ones in less rainbowy colors under their "Room Essentials" and "Made by Design" lines, if you/your person cares.
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Are you at all interested in the Corelle soup bowl instead?

I always dismissed Corelle because I hated the bowls, but after I tried these at a former workplace, I bought a million of them.
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I was going to suggest corelle too. There are all kinds of shapes available online. I've had them for years and won't go back. Also, super super easy to clean. Everything falls off so easily.
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Nth vote for Corelle.

There are so many shapes. It's funny, I love my own Corelle but I've definitely seen Corelle shapes I heartily dislike. What are you looking for? I have three sizes of plate and three sizes of bowl (including "cereal bowls" which are mysteriously named -- they wouldn't work for cereal but they are awesome for pasta and all dishes that involve stew on starch) that I love.

The winter white is super versatile. Clean and neutral for everyday, but looks also beautiful on a fancy charger for festive meals.

It's also light, easy to clean, nearly unbreakable, microwaves beautifully, stacks without chipping.
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also re Corelle winter white: you can always find more things in the same line, which makes it nice when your needs change or expand.

Ebay is a good place to look to get an idea of the options. Here's a listing with a ton of shapes, all in winter white; it's not comprehensive, but by browsing around a bit you can get a sense of the options.

They are not as light as plastic, but they are a fraction of the weight of ceramic, or even other glass.

BUT do make sure you're getting the regular Corelle, the glass. I once mistakenly ordered some mugs that called themselves Corelle, but were some sort of earthenware, it was awful (so heavy!)
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